Dror High School is a six-year public religious high school in Jerusalem under the auspices of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE). Dror is a pluralistic religious school - a religious school with a diverse population that promotes values of social justice and gender equality. At Dror, there are a spectrum of religious and social identities. At Dror, education is Jewish, traditional, and pluralistic, with innovative pedagogy and educational excellence. At Dror, our educational philosophy combines Jewish, traditional, democratic and pluralist values along with innovative pedagogy and educational excellence. At Dror, we encourage individuality, choice, dialogue and leadership development.

Dror– received the prize for promoting educational advancement for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Dror offers programs for personal growth that promote experiential, meaningful learning.

Among the programs: “Smart City” program, Leadership for Coexistence, Cooperation with the Belmonte Laboratories at Hebrew University, Music Performance, Mathematical Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Cooperation with the American Center and diverse programs to strengthen Jewish religious identity