Beit Midrash – Amlu BaTorah

Beit Midrash - Amlu [Assiyah,Mifgash and Limud ] BaTorah –Action, Encounter and Study

The Beit Midrash program at Dror High School meets once a week and enables students to choose to learn about a range of issues touching Israeli society. The lessons take place inside and outside the school, integrating social action, encounter and experiential text study in hevruta (partnered learning). Volunteering in the community is an integral part of the program. We believe that taking responsibility is expressed through practical steps and every Beit Midrash program, as well as many other programs in the school, includes a social activism component.


Among the Beit Midrash topics:

Integrating people with disabilities

Weekly Torah portion and art

Between Jews and not-Jews

Walk around Jerusalem

Gender and media

Economy and society

Piyyut (liturgical poetry and prayer)